Anchored In Him


Anchored In Him is a Christian site that is filled
with inspirational poems, stories, that are meant to
lift your spirit and we are Anchored In Him forever.
You will find happiness and may shed a tear or two 
over the love that is in this site.
As the web servant it is my hope and prayer that
you will find peace and blessings within this site.
You see my friend without Jesus you do not 
have serenity. If you have not or do not know Him
as your personal savior please feel free to contact
me and I will send you information on how to come to
know Jesus Christ as your personal savior.

There is a question that only you and God can
answer and that is if you were to die now,
that is right now and as you stood judgment
before Him which we all will and He asked
you why He should let you into the
Kingdom of Heaven, what would your answer be?

If the answer is not that I was saved by the shed blood
of Jesus Christ and my sins are forgiven my friend you 
have a problem and that problem is that you would be
separated from God for all eternity. Also if you have 
loved ones in heaven you would be separated from them.

You will find that my wife and I believe that
Jesus Christ is the Son of God, He died on the
cross at Calvary for our sins and He arose from
the grave on the third day and ascended into heaven
to be with the Father.
We are Baptist that have been saved by the shed
blood of Jesus Christ and the best we can ever 
be in God's eyes are sinners, but we are
forgiven and forever we are Anchored In Him.