Anchored In Him ~ Santa Claus Is Coming To Town ~ Christmas 2002

Poem © By DeDe 2001

Excitement is growing
As that big day comes closer
My son is waiting patiently
For Old St Nick to appear

He made his list
Not like most
He wanted a drum set
A guitar and lastly a cho cho train set

We went to see Santa
On a Saturday afternoon
He climbed up on his lap
And soon told him his wish

Santa looked at me with a gleam in his eye
Quite surprised at his list
For it was not the usual long list that a child has in mind
Santa laughed his laugh
And promised to do all he could

We went home that night
My son still grinning ear to ear
Saying Santa told me he would do his best
So that Mommy would be able to give me my list

Soon the time grew near
Christmas Eve was upon us
My son set out some cookies
added some milk
He was sure Santa would like them
and we all knew he would

Lil Chi' sat in his rocker
Patiently waiting for his friend
Vowing he would stay up
So he could see him again

He finally fell asleep
And I carried him to bed
Knowing what he was dreaming
Hoping that Santa would grant him his wish

Downstairs I ran waiting too
And no sooner had I stopped to rest
Did Santa appear

He carried with him the guitar
The drum set all ready to go
And the cutest little train set
For a lil boy that has been as good as gold.

All of us at Anchored In Him wish everyone a very Blessed and Merry Christmas . . . Without CHRIST there is no Christmas . . . Don't just attend worship services on Christmas Eve, attend every Sunday, blessings await you and your family ! ! !





Until Christmas Day 2019 ! ! !

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Michael Bolton
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