Anchored In Him Holiday Page

Seasons Greetings from us at Anchored In Him.
We wish everyone a Joyous and Blessed Holiday Season.
As we approach Christmas it is
our hope and prayer that these pages bring
you not only joy, but the true meaning of Christmas.
Without Christ there would be no Christmas.
Again Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from
our house to yours and please feel free to share
our pages with family and friends.


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2002 Holiday Pages

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2004 Holiday Pages

Thanksgiving 2004

We Give Thanks

Giving Thanks

I Am Thankful. . .

Heart Filled Thanksgiving

One Nation Under God

Thanksgiving Wishes

Over The Hills

Grandma's House

Christmas Welcome 2004

Dad's Best Christmas

Until You Return


The Christ Child

Country Christmas

The Big Wheel

A Soldier Remembers Christmas

The Sands of Christmas

Long, Long Ago

Christmas Blessing

Christmas Reminders

The Perfect Child

For This Christmas

Spirit Of Christmas

Why Christmas

Christmas Glow

Missing Baby Jesus

Twelve Gifts From Jesus

Christmas Without You

My First Christmas In Heaven

The Night That Changed The World

The Angel's Cried

A Child's Wonder

A Christmas List

His Name Is At The Top

New Years 2005

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Thanksgiving 2007

Christmas 2007 Welcome

Until You Return, Christmas 2007

Born A Savior

Christmas Is A Season of Giving

The Meaning of This Day

Santa's Lap


Pure As Driven Snow

If Only In My Dreams

The Christmas Spirit

Daddy I Am Waiting

Where There Is Love

Why Christmas Trees Aren't Perfect

Recipe For A Merry Christmas

Christmas Is For Love

Christmas Reminders

Legend of The Poinsettia


A Challenge, 2008 New Years Page


2008 Holiday Pages

Thanksgiving 2008

Due to hardware failure there were no Christmas Pages for 2008.

2009 Holiday Pages

2010 Holiday Pages

Thanksgiving 2010

Look For Little Things . . .

The Beattitudes

Christmas Welcome 2010

Santa's Secret Wish


Where There Is Love

Another Star

Christmas Without You

My Little Boy's Joy

I Believe In Christmas

The Small White Envelope

Child of God

Twas The First Night of Christmas

What Does Christmas Mean To Me

Daddy I'm Waiting

Fresh New Year

2011 Holiday Pages

Due to work in Afghanistan there were no Holiday or Christmas Pages for 2011.

2012 Holiday Pages

Thanksgiving 2012, Be Thankful

Everyone's Waiting For Christmas

Christmas Welcome 2012

Christmas Reminders

The Nativity Scene

Twas The First Night of Christmas

Home For The Holidays

The Priceless Gift of Christmas

Christmas Time

Christmas Holiday

Christmas's I Remember

Gold Wrapping Paper

Keeping Christmas

Ready For Christmas

Always Believe In Miracles

Remember The Brave

Surely He Taught Us

The Most Perfect Gift

What Christmas Is All About

Christmas Thoughts For All The Year

Gifts I'd Leave You

Jesus Is The Reason For The Season

New Years 2012 I Am Confident

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