A Christmas Prayer ~ Anchored In Him ~ Christmas 2003









I'm your Christmas tree all brightly lit
Hung with angels colored balls, and elves
Underneath my boughs your presents sit
If you've behaved yourselves.

Why must we wait till early Christmas morn
To open up our brand new games and toys
Why gifts for us the day that Christ was born
If we're good girls and boys

Now listen to your Christmas tree I'm wise
In all the ways of faith that you must know
I'm here because of what I symbolize
Green through ice and snow

There is a world beyond what we can see
Where, by grace of God, we can receive
God's greatest gift: to live eternally
If only we believe

Eternal life is what God gave to you
In sending down His son to live on Earth
This was His gift so Santa brings gifts too
To celebrate Christ's birth

The baby Jesus got gifts on this day
Because like any child he loved to play
And so God wants to share this special joy
With every girl and boy

Believe God loves you as your parents do
And takes great joy in giving gifts to you
Live well and love, and evergreen like me
You'll live eternally

© Nickolas Gorden
Used With Permission