A Little Boy's Christmas ~ Anchored In Him ~ Christmas 2003

A mother took her little boy
To the department store
To introduce him to Santa Claus
And hear what he'd ask him for.

To her surprise, here's what she heard
And it filled her heart with joy.
He didn't ask, a thing, for himself
Not even one little toy.

"Oh, Santa Claus" she heard him say,
"I hear you're very kind;
Please give to the man on the corner, sight;
You see, that poor man's blind."

"And for my friend, who has no dad
To bring him toys all year;
Please give to him, the things you planned
To bring to me this year."

"And you know the little girl next door; 
She can't hear a word I say.
Please let her hear the songs we sing
For this Christmas Day."

On Christmas Day, the little boy
Ran to the corner and there,
He saw the man, and saw him smile.
No longer, a cold blank stare.

Quickly, he ran to his little friend,
The one orphaned of his dad;
And there he saw so many toys,
More than he'd ever had.

Next, he went to the little girl's house,
To see if she could hear,
And heard her singing Christmas Carols,
In tones, melodious and clear.

Happily, he ran to tell his mother the news
But she could see it in his face
That God had given to her son,
Each gift, with all His grace.

Thanks to Diamond C. Aloes - Author
Used with permission.

God has given you His promise that He hears and answers prayer ! ! !



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