Christmas Reminders ~ Anchored In Him - Christmas 2004

May the Christmas presents remind you of God's greatest gift - - - His only begotten Son

May the Christmas candles remind you of Him who is the - - - Light of the World

May the Christmas tree remind you of another tree on which - - - He died for you

May the Christmas cheer remind you of him who said - - - Be of good cheer

May the Christmas feast remind you of Him who is the - - - Bread of Life

May the Christmas snow remind you of the cleansing power - - - of Christ

May the Christmas bells remind you of the glorious proclamation - - - of His birth

May the Christmas carols remind you of His glad tidings which we proclaim - - - to all mankind

May the Christmas season remind you in every way of - - - JESUS CHRIST YOUR KING.

Author Unknown

The birth of Christ brought God to man; the cross of Christ brings man to God ! ! !


Joy To The World
Jack Toney
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