His Name At The top - Anchored In Him - Christmas 2004

I had the nicest Christmas list, 
The longest one in town, 
Till Mother looked at it and said, 
"You'll have to cut it down." 

I know that what she said was true 
Beyond the faintest doubt, 
But was amazed to hear her say, 
"You've left your best Friend out." 

And so I scanned my list again, 
And said, "Oh, that's not true!" 
Mother said, "His name's not there, 
That Friend who died for you." 

And then I clearly understood, 
T'was Jesus that she meant; 
For Him who should come first of all 
I hadn't planned a cent! 

I'd made a Christmas birthday list, 
And left the Savior out! 
But oh, it didn't take me long 
To change the list about. 

And though I've had to drop some names 
Of folks I like a lot, 
My Lord must have the most - - 
Because His name is at the top!

Author Unknown

The gift of lavish salvation - - of all the gifts, is the greatest gift that we will ever receive ! ! !

O Come All ye Faithful
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