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As we come to a close in the year of 2005 God has blessed our family and we hope He has yours. Let this be a year of dedicated prayer. If we do not pray for the lost and one another we have omitted two extremely portions of prayer. Satan does not stop just because one gave their life to Christ, his relentless pursuit of us daily will never end until we are in heaven! On the subject of heaven, how many people you know of died this year and went to heaven? I pray and hope that all did, but the sad fact is many a family member, a loved one, or friend died and went to hell for rejecting God. This is the only unpardonable sin in the Holy Bible. I would ask that you continue to pray for the lost and do not become discouraged if you do not see your prayers answered immediately. GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS IN HIS TIME, NOT OURS, He may be teaching us patience!

Change is a necessity in our lives that is always about us. Often changes within our lives are not within the will of God. We often make hasty decisions that we base on anger and frustration that arise from conflict that ultimately have consequences that we really don't desire. For every behavioral action there is a consequence whether positive or negative.

Conflict within any organization or church is inevitable, but can be to the betterment if handled positively and correctly.

As you enter into 2006 I would ask that you continue to pray for a sweeping revival in our great nation. Once men understand and learn to weep for the lost possibly and then just possibly this may lead to a great revival. Continue to pray for our Armed Forces and their families, pray that the full protective armor of God would surround them. Pray for the leaders of our great nation, pray that not only would they come to the understanding that our great nation was founded on the believe in God, pray that they would make prayerful decisions.

One last and final challenge to all this year is to read your bible completely and to commit to bringing one that you know is lost to accept Christ as their personal savior.

Take time to tell someone that you love them, none of us are promised tomorrow. Have a blessed 2006, we will see you in church God willing.


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Start your New Year right and that is committed to God, Family and Church ! ! !


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