Misty Christmas Memories ~ Anchored In Him ~ Christmas 2006

Gentle snowflakes touch my face
As a tear trails down my cheek
Among crowds and glistening tinsel
Your face, I once more seek.

Another year has come to pass
With not once glimpse of you
Except in dreams, you visit me
In shades of hazy blue.

Christmas time will soon be here
I long to see your face
Just once again, to see your smile
And dream of your embrace.

Christmas time is boxed up
In tones of purple hue
It's wrapped in misty memories
And laced with thoughts of you.

Poetry used with permission, ©1987.
A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ
Marilyn Ferguson
.  You may read more
of her poetry by clicking on her name.

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Many fond memories are with those left behind of a loved one, may the Comforter be with you ! ! !



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Christmas Memories
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