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Dear Jesus this is Shawn,
I need to talk to you
I really need a help
and people say that's what you do.
My mommy isn't feeling well
she's in bed all the time,
I know I'm not supposed to tell
but I want her to be fine.

She used to sing about you
she would smile and raise her hands,
she said you were the only one to go to
that would really understand.

Do you know my Mommy?
She's the coolest Mom around,
she makes food that taste so yummy
and she makes me happy when I'm down.
Mommy would take me skating
and she would kiss me when I'd fall,
she said she'd always be here, like You
all I had to do is call.

I don't have a Daddy
they say he didn't care,
but, Mommy always told me
to include him in my prayers.

I asked Santa for a lot of toys
the list is pretty long,
I've tried to sorta be a good boy
and not do things that are wrong.
But Jesus if you're hearing me
I'll tell you what I'll do,
Please take good care of Mommy
I'll be good for her and You.

I don't know if I need what's on my list
I could always get them next year,
I just want my Christmas Wish
and that's to have my Mommy here.

Well, for now this is all I need
thanks Jesus for listening to me,
that Book of Yours I promise to read
together with just Mommy and me.

Used with permission © 17 Dec 2006.
A special thanks to Mary Deases Peralez
God Bless you my Sister-In-Christ
You may contact Mary by email to
thank her for sharing her talents.

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The Christmas wish for all is for someone that does not know Christ as their personal Savior to accept Him this Christmas, the greatest gift they will ever recieve ! ! !

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