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As we end 2007 and begin a New year 2008 it is great to be able to say that God has truly blessed us. Often we will question to the blessings that God has gave us as to the "why" or "why me" Lord. You can take a piece of paper and write down every month of the past year and I can guarantee that you will find a blessing from God each and every month as well as every day. That is correct every day, you say how is that? It is simple my friend you are blessed every day that you get up, as it is another day to serve the Lord. Yes we have aches and pains, but to feel them you are blessed, as that means you are alive and can serve God. We all have trails and tribulations in our lives. None of us will find in the Holy Bible that this will not happen as Jesus told us we will have these. Just remember to cast your cares upon Him ! !

If you are saved by the shed blood of Jesus Christ, our challenge to you this year is to bring at least one who does not know Him as their personal Savior into the family of God. It is sad to know that many refuse to accept Him as their personal Savior and spend eternity separated from Him in the pits of hell. No matter what a person has done, all they have to do is repent of their sins, believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and that He arose on the third day and confess that they have accepted him as their Lord and Savior. To easy right, unfortunately in our church and every church people leave and do not do this and gamble that they can do it some other time. Friend do not gamble as none of us never know when God will call one of His children home. If you are unsaved, that is you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior you will be separated from God for eternity. 

As we close for this year we leave you with the following, you have 2 options in life here on earth and that is; be born twice and die once or be born once and die twice. If you do not know or understand what this means please feel free to contact us. May God bless you and your loved ones through 2008.
If for some reason you have quit going to church, you are missing a part of your life that only you know what is missing. A challenge is for you to return to the House of The Lord and worship Him. Blessings await you.
See you in church . . .

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Make a committment this year to be in church every Sunday, blessings await ! ! !


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