Born A Savior ~ Anchored In Him ~ Christmas 2007


This precious Babe; born in a stall one day
Came to the cross, to take the evil, from us away
Through Mary, God sent a Savior that day
When we are weary, in our heart, He will stay.

He walked with Disciples, to spread His word.
The sweetest story that has ever, been heard.
He did miracles on land and on the sea.
He spread His sweet word, for you and me.

Jesus walked and talked to all, to spread His word,
For the many reasons He needed to be, heard.
He called on, and healed the sick and woe.
His disciples walked after Him; they loved Him so.

He is with us, who live now, asks us to love.
He is Gods only Son, that lives in Heaven above.
Though if we let Him live in our heart,
This Jesus, whom we love, will never; from us part.

He will come for us if we will just believe.
Believe in His holy name; our heart He will receive
Read His sweet and holy word every day.
Get accustomed to Him; kneel to Him and pray

He is coming soon; God will declare the decree.
His Son, will soon be coming for you and me.
Let us rejoice and love each other; in Holy love,
Remain with Jesus when He takes us there above.

A special thanks to Pearlie Duncan Walker
for use of her poetry November 19, 2007.
You may contact her by email to thank her,
God Bless you my Sister-In-Christ.

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He came to earth in flesh to die for all of man kind's sins, do you know Him besides on Christmas ? ? ?

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