Daddy, I Am Waiting ~ Anchored In Him ~ Christmas 2007

Dear Daddy,
Daddy, the lights are on and waiting.
I turned them on so you could see.
I know I'll see you walking softly
Coming home to Mommy and me.

Daddy, I know you had to go to war
And help all the boys and girls in that far land
But did you know while you are there
My Daddy's not here Daddy to hold my hand?

Oh, and Mommy taught me what Christmas really is.
It is the baby Jesus' birthday and He is our King
He doesn't want presents for Christmas
He just wants us to know Him, love Him and sing of the King

Oh, He loves Christmas carols and listens to me
But He would like for you to be here to hear me, too
So, Daddy, I said a prayer tonight and asked Him to bring you back
And if per chance you can't, then some other child will have you

I pray this Christmas for a peaceful and happy world.
One where Daddy's don't have to go to war.
Oh, Daddy, I love and miss you and want to say Merry Christmas
But please, come back from that land so far . . . away.

Love, Sarah
Daddy's little girl

Used with permission © Dec 2007.
A special thanks to Jene Lind
God Bless you my Sister In Christ.
You may contact Jene by email to
thank her for sharing her talents. 

Dedicated to our Armed forces and their families, have a Blessed Christmas. Thank you for your service to our great nation and sacrifices.

Many members of our Armed Forces and their families are separated by the miles or continents, but not by love ! ! !

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