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My Dearest Darling,

As  I write this letter in your Christmas Card I decided to save yours for last, not only for our love, but maybe the tears will stop. It is hard to do the cards this year as the children really do not understand when Mommy cries.
This is now our third Christmas apart in the past seven years, it gets harder and harder each year for the children, but they understand that Daddy is off to war fighting evil and that he has done so out of love for God, country and his family.
As you know in a letter that many did not see or read our fifth child will be born on Christmas Eve in which we decided to call him David for unto you shall be born a son in the city of David. Oh such a beautiful name it shall be as our first sons name is Matthew and one of the twins is Mark. We still have Luke and John to be conceived in love upon your safe return.
Our Pastor and the rest of the congregation are praying for you and all the members of our Armed Forces. We knew that it was very hard on you and your unit with some of the losses that it suffered especially your best friend John that you enlisted with. We both know that he gave his life to Christ and it did make it a little easier on Sue Ann his wife, but she and I still pray together for your safe return along with everyone else. We know that John is now in Heaven with Jesus.
Many members families of our congregation know of someone or have a family member now serving overseas. It especially hard on those for the first time they have been separated during the Christmas season, but they know that God is protecting all of you.
Darling as I write this letter please forgive the tear stains on the paper. We put on the tree this year the very first Christmas Card that you got me when we first met along with the ones the children made in Sunday School. The children cried when I explained to them how much this card meant to both of us and how deep our love is for each other. We all got on our knees at the family altar and prayed to God for your protection and safe return.
Oh how beautiful that Christmas was when you gave me this card. We spent Christmas Eve at church singing praises and hymns to our Lord. We both knew that God meant for us to be together forever and we were married the following year on Christmas Eve.
All is well with our families, Grandpa's and Grandma's are anxiously awaiting the birth of their newest grandson and already they are talking about how they will spoil him.
Many of the units are now returning from the war, we are still praying that all will return and that this war against evil will end. It is so sad that members of our Armed Forces die this time of the year, I know there is a void as we have seen it some of the families around town.
Darling do you remember the cabin such as this that we spend our honeymoon in, it was so beautiful on Christmas Day with the snow and how we talked of buying a cabin of this sort. If it is God's will we will have one.
When I received your Christmas Card this year, I opened it while the children were asleep, where they are now. The card bought back the memories of years ago and I wept uncontrollably when I read your special poem that you wrote on how you missed and loved me. I will be so glad when the war is over with and we can continue on in our lives.
We are so proud of your promotion, God answered another prayer for us. We have placed our faith in Him and I know many others have also and it makes it easier for us being apart.
My loved one I must close for now as the children are getting restless as I hear them stirring upstairs. Take care my darling, I love and miss you and the children send their love and kisses also. Even though we won't be together on Christmas Day, I will see you in my dreams. We will see you in February right after Valentines Day when you come home.

All  My Love Forever,

Written from the heart, we at Anchored In Him dedicate this page to our Armed Forces and their Families. May God watch over and protect you and bring you home safe to your families and loved ones God Bless you and thank you for your sacrifices.

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A special thanks to our Armed Forces and their families for the dedication and sacrificies to our great nation ! ! !



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