Legend Of The Poinsettia ~ Anchored In Him ~ Christmas 2007


Christmas Eve once long ago
According to an old world law
A small girl named Pepita
Brought a present to the newborn Lord.

Too poor to purchase gifts of gold
She looked up the skies above:
Searching her young heart she found
A simple gift of love.

The weeds she found upon her land,
T was all in the world she had to give,
She picked them from the ground for him,
And prayed so they would live.
Knowing she had naught to give,
As her tears fell to the ground
The lonely weeds brought blooms of color,
From her sorrow love was found.

Pepita placed them at his feet.
The Star of Bethlehem shone so bright
And Christ our Lord proclaimed it be
The flower of the Holy Night!

Author Unknown

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The greatest miracle of all is the Christ was born ! ! !

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