Pure As Driven Snow ~ Anchored In Him ~ Christmas 2007



Snow flakes falling gently
To the Earth below
Snow flakes falling softy
Through the air so cold

But like the virgin Mary
It's pure as pure can be
The virgin snow is falling
To earth, so softly

Untouched by any man on Earth
It blankets the cold, cold ground
And not a dirty snow flake
Can anywhere be found

The night looks white and lovely
Oh, the stillness says it all
Wrapped in all God's love
As the snowflakes gently fall

So the love of God is pure
Pure as the driven snow
So watch those snowflakes falling
Blanketing the Earth below

Jene' Lind ©Dec 10, 2007
A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Jene Lind for this poem.
She willingly shares the talents that God has blessed her with.
Please stop by her site and thank her by signing her guest book.
God Bless you My Sister-In-Christ. You may contact Jene by email
to thank her for sharing her talents.

Wisemen did and will worship Christ the King ! ! !



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