Recipe For A Merry Christmas ~ Anchored In Him ~ Christmas 2007

Take the crisp cold of a December night, add two generous parts of snow, stir in air so clear it tinkles.
Into a generous heart, mix the wonder of a little girl, the sparkle of a young boy's glance, the love of parents, and set gently before the chimney side.
Add the lightest touch of a reindeer's hooves, a sprig of holly, a scent of fir.
Set the mixture to rise in the warmth of a dream of good will to men.
It will be almost ready to serve when it bubbles with warmth and good feeling.
Bedeck with the light of a star set in the East, garnish with shining balls of gold, silver, and red.
Serve to the tune of an ancient carol in the middle of the family table.

Author Unknown

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