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In times of war and turmoil
In places far away
Our hearts are joined in unison
With love we send your way
We keep the fires burning
Within our homes and hearts
For every day's a precious one
Although we're far apart
Each day as you awaken
Upon a foreign soil
We think about your sacrifice
With "freedom's cry" for all
And so it is this season
When love is what we share
We reach out to our loved ones
In silent reverent prayer
We hold you close in spirit
We pray for your return
Knowing that your sacrifice
Is glory you have earned
And so it is you're with us
Until you shall return
Holding on to hope and peace
With glory you have earned.


A special thanks to Francine Pucillo
for use of her poetry © November 24, 2007.
You may contact Francine to thank her
or visit her site.

Father as we come to you in prayer we ask you to forgive us where we have failed you Dear Lord at this special time of year as we celebrate the birth of your Son Jesus Christ let us remember the true meaning of Christmas. Heavenly Father we lift our Armed Forces and their families up to you and ask that you place your protective armor around the members of our Armed Forces and that you comfort the families during their separation from each other. May the Comforter be with those families that have lost a loved one in the war. Father we ask that you teach us the patience that is necessary for this war and other things within our lives. Father we ask that you continue to bless our great nation and that the leaders of our nation make their decisions in prayer to you. Heavenly Father be not only with the children of fathers and mothers of our Armed Forces, be with the spouses also and give them the peace that only You can give. We ask all of these things in your Son Jesus holy name.

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We pray for the members of our Armed Forces and their families and we support them. Soldiers win wars, not politicians or those that want to be politically correct ! ! !

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