Another Star ~ Anchored In Him ~ Christmas 2010

There is another star so bright
And this star shone so bright at night
It was a star on Christmas Eve
But it was not upon a tree

Star light, star bright
Shone down this night
And guided wise men from afar

Star light, star bright
Shone down this night
They traveled very far

To see the newborn King of Kings
And bring some gifts to him
They brought his gifts to Bethlehem
Gold, myrrh and frankincense

Yes, another star not on a tree
Shone down on the newborn king
When you see your star upon your Christmas tree
Remember, who is everything

Another star ... so shiny bright
The star for the New born King.

Jene' Lind © 30 Nov 2010
A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Jene Lind for this poem.
She willingly shares the talents that God has blessed her with.
You may email Jene to thank her


God came to live with us so that we could live with Him.



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