Look For The Little Things - Anchored In Him

Are you searching for God's blessings,
Trying hard to find just one?
Are you walking in the shadows,
Hanging on 'til day is done?

Do you fail to see the wonder
That God offers you each day?
Do you notice all He bestows?
All the joy He sends your way?

God gives many kinds of blessings,
Through the little things we see,
He turns shadows into sunlight,
Hued with rainbow, rose, and tree.

God breaks dullness with bright laughter,
Or a child's sweet, simple deed.
He grants wonders unexpectedly.
His surprises meet each need. 

When you notice the little things - 
His blessings, all around,
When you're glad for what each day brings,
Then your happiness abounds.

Feel caresses from spring breezes,
Smell the freshness of His rain.
Step out at night and watch the stars,
Shoot across the sky again. 

Arise before the sun comes up,
View a glorious orange display,
Revealing waking signs of life,
That welcome a brand new day.

Keep looking for the little things,
God's blessings will come to you, 
Filling your heart with peace and joy,
And making your life brand - new.

Author Unknown 

Heavenly father we thank You for your blessings,
often we are not worthy of them or Your love.
Father we know that without You we miss the little
things as we are so engrossed in the worldly things.
Forgive us where we failed You, we thank you for all
of Your blessings and love. You loved us so much
that You gave Your only begotten Son. Dear Lord as we
come to You humbly we ask that You continue to bless
our great nation, watch over our Armed Forces and their
families. Dear God may the Comforter be with those who
lost a loved one this year, give them the peace and
comfort as only You can. Heavenly Father let us remember
our missionaries and those that are less fortunate than us.
Be with our missionaries as they spread the Good News
and may we remember that You taught us in the scripture
that there will be those less fortunate and that we are
to help them also. Be with us and watch over us Heavenly
Father, we ask this in Jesus Holy name.


A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones - - Proverbs 17:22






Someone To Care
Rusty Goodman
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