Christmas's I Remember - Anchored In Him

I can remember many different Christmas's 
we had compared to today.
We never had a fireplace. Just two wood stoves, but she baked many cookies, pies and divinity during that holiday time and she always told us about baby Jesus. year after year.
I am sure she wanted us to remember just what Christmas was all about.
I do know that the highlights of Christmas was getting out of school for a week, (not having to walk that mile back and forth each day) but we also looked forward with MUCH anticipation to our Christmas programs at church. When we were little we got to be in the little plays. And each child thought their part was the most important! Then as we became teenagers we got to sing in the BIG choir and we had a special Christmas Cantata.
Oh, it was fun as a little one to wait till the program was over and see Santa walk up the church aisle with a sack thrown over his back that was filled with little brown bags of candy. Each bag had one orange, one apple, four English walnuts, a couple other mixed nuts, two cream drops, and ONE candy cane. All to one child. Each one got all these goodies. I thought we were really blessed to have that.
Then when everyone wished each and everyone Merry Christmas, we walked that mile back home, 10:00 at night in the snow singing all the way home. Yes, I saw many starry nights on Christmas Eve.
Used with permission © Dec 2010 A special thanks to Jene Lind. God bless you my Sister In Christ You may contact Jene by email to thank her for sharing her talents.

The joy of Christmas is Jesus . . .

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