Home For The Holidays - Anchored In Him

I wish I were home for the holidays. Home for the joys that Christmas brings Being with loved ones dear and more An old fashion Christmas is what I long for. I reminisce about the ones when I was a child With Mom and Dad and my brothers too. Remembering the old time Christmas's That we shared as a family in years of past. Being with family and all loved ones dear Is so special during this time of the year. Gathering around the Christmas tree, Excited about the presents for you and me. The aroma of a cooking Christmas meal As mother is cooking food for real. Thinking about it makes your mouth water Something almost lacking anymore. The most homesick time of the year Pondering over the good ole days past Reminiscing brings such joy to my heart A blessing I'll reflect on for all my years. A special thanks to Malta for use of her poetry © Dec 2004.

God came to live with us so we could live with him . . .

The Carpenters
Home For The Holidays
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