Jesus Is The Reason For The Season - Anchored In Him


is Christmas
time truly special
Why do we love
this time of year,
For we become quite
flustered with all that is to do
As that special date draws near.
But, when we come to ponder it
So much is happening in our heart,
Something comes to make us different
To walk a newer path. We picture the sweet
Innocence of the baby Jesus face and of how
He gave His life, when He poured on us His grace.
So our hearts overflow with gratitude, and we feel a softness
Deep within, then fear for tomorrow abates because of the love that He will bring. For His love draws us all closer and we want to be together Just as birds sing all the brighter, regardless of the weather. We play the carols and their beauty fills our soul,
So as we become grateful
Life's blessing must be told.
Which helps us see loveliness
In people everywhere, then we
smile too, showing that we care
Spontaneously, we are kinder
making us feel good today, then
in the darkness, cares just fly away
At day break we forget to criticize
Bitterness and worries disappear,
Then deepest hurt, just up and dies.
Contentment overtakes all we may say
For a joyous spirit has come in to stay.
We find many wonders here at our feet
And because our eyes keep looking up
We find nice folk walking down the street
Before we know it every moment becomes
of the gladdest thing..O, Jesus keep our eyes
seeing only You, then, like Christmas, we can

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
© 2004. You may contact
her by email to thank her
or visit her site.

The best gift to mankind is the gift of salvation, it is free for the asking . . .


Jim Brickman
The Gift
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