The Most Perfect Gift - Anchored In Him

No blankets of snow so white,
No potted plants Poinsettia,
No pine trees brightly adorned,
The night our Savior was born.
No presents wrapped up gaily
With excited anticipation of gaiety,
Just a bed in a trough with straw
To lay the new born baby.
No tables of abundant food,
No crackling of the fireplace,
Just the drafty rugged old barn
T'Was the house honored by God.
No gathering of families to sing,
No carols for the new born babe,
Just a mother's own sweet song
To break the silence prolonged.
The Christ child's birth in the manger
The purest declaration of love born
God's most precious perfect gift
Expressed that first Christmas Morn.

A special thanks to Malta for use of her
poetry © December 2007. God bless
you my Sister-In-Christ.

God's gift to the world is the life-giving Savior . . .

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