The Nativity Scene ~ Anchored In Him


It is only a picture of a scene, so real within our hearts
One day it was a wonderful reality in Bethlehem,
The Christ child was born on that first Christmas day,
He came into this world as both God and man.

His Mother so fair looked upon her Son
Sent by God through His Spirit to earth,
The angels rejoiced and sang praises to the Holy One,
Wise men from afar came when they heard of His birth.

His humble beginning was in a manger filled with hay
His Kingdom shall never end but shall increase,
He is King of all Kings and Lord of all Lords,
His great love for all men shall never cease.

His Mother was blessed among all earthly women
Chosen by God as the virgin who would bear God's Son,
The Father up above looked down in love,
His plan sent to earth.......God's Holy Anointed One.

The scene of the nativity is not just to behold
It's message is engraved within our hearts,
The babe in the manager lives forever on high,
His Spirit lives within us with a love that will never depart.

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ, Jo Ann Kelly
for use of her © 2009, 2002 poetry.
God Bless my Sister-In-Christ

Almighty God became a man by a lowly humble birth as a sacrificial lamb for mans sins . . .

John Two-Hawks
O Holy Night
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