As We Count Our Blessings ~ Anchored In Him ~ Christmas 2014

As we give thanks this Christmas
For abundant blessings from our God,
We remember those less fortunate,
Across this land which we now trod.
There are many who are homeless
Some people are living on the streets,
Many have no place to lay their heads,
Some do not have enough food to eat.
There are many who are hurting
Veteran's left with memories, some with scars from wars,
Soldiers are away from their friends and loved ones,
Fighting in a foreign land, alone beneath the stars.
Many souls are sick and hurting
Seeking healing and help from above,
We remember those suffering and the elderly,
And pray they will find help, in the Savior's love.
There are people who are grieving
Over a loved one who was recently called home,
All they have is cherished memories,
As they sit in silence all alone.
Across this land souls are perishing
Lost in sin without knowing salvation's plan,
There is hope for all in Christ Jesus,
When we reach out to the fallen, with a helping hand.
So as we count our blessings 
Giving thanks to God above,
Our heart remembers others, 
Who need the power of God's great love.
If we pray for one another
Seeking God's will and grace from above,
Our Lord will hear and send the answer,
On the wings of heaven's holy dove.
May we always remember the less fortunate
Souls who question their lot in life,
Jesus loves them, this we know,
One day they will understand sufferings and strife.
As we recall abundant blessings,
Naming them one by one,
We give thanks for the greatest blessing of all,
The free gift of salvation, God's only begotten Son.
Remembering others is God's plan for our lives
'Christ is Christmas' within our hearts, in every season.
When holiday celebrations are over, and a new year begins,
We will still have the joy of our salvation, Jesus is the reason.
God sends His ministering angels, to help those on earth
He knows just what the need may be,
Our Father also uses His children to reach out in love,
Many souls come to the Savior, as God's light of love they see.
A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ
Jo Ann Kelly for use of her © poetry 2010, 12/23/2004.
You may contact her by email to thank her.
May God bless you and your ministries
abundantly this season.

A word of encouragement can make the difference between giving up or going on . . .

Amy Grant
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