Happy New Year To Family and Friends - Anchored In Him

Happy New Year
to my family and friends
another year has ended
and a new one begins . . .

Many thanks to those
who cared -
sharing their love
friendship and prayers.

Some we lost
taken away
we'll meet them again
some bright sunny day!

Tears shed
many hearts grieved -
but we must march on
with our daily reprieve.

God is good
he never forsakes
He will be with us
no matter where our journey takes . . .

We climb the mountains
and scale the walls -
we keep on moving
till the Lord calls . . .

We laughed and cried
shared many dreams
held each other up
amidst the enemies schemes . . .

On comes the New Year
all pages are new
Only God Himself knows
what He has in store for you . . .

Much confusion,
disappointment and distress
but God lead us on
we each did out best . . .

My wish for you
this coming year
is God's peace and love
His grace and much cheer . . .

Time marches us
like a thief in the night -
before you know it
another year has dropped out of sight . . .

So Happy New Year
to family and friends
march on with Jesus
He is with us to the end!

Thank you Father
for another Year
to bring others joy,
God's love and good cheer!
A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Mary Ann Trott for use of her poetry © 31 December 2014. You may contact Mary Ann by email to thank her for sharing her talents. May God bless you abundantly. Facing decisions, as those which we must make each day, requires wisdom, which can only be granted of God. If we forge ahead, on things we are not sure of, without God's wisdom, we may pay a high price. We have opportunities each day, to seek Him, to seek His Word and to pray. If we walk blindly, into situations, without considering His will, they usually will bring conflict and strife. If I feel uneasy...uncertain, about any given decision, I usually do nothing, as that is a red flag flying in the breeze. Do not be hasty in making major decisions, until you have had time to seek God. Only the Holy Spirit is able to give us truth, which prevents us from mistakes. Seek God and may He order our footsteps. A special thanks Sandra Lewis Pringle for use of her © poetry our Sister-In-Christ. Friends as we close out 2014 think of what the two poems above speaks to us. They tell us to keep our faith, trust in the lord, seek His counsel, guidance and wisdom prayerfully. As you listen to the song, think of how many times that God has answered prayers. There is nothing that God cannot do ! ! ! God has blessed us in many ways! Even though the US as a nation has generally turned her back on God, He is still blessing us. He is knocking on America's door, but are we answering? As we begin 2015 we need and must make a resolution to do more for Jesus and His Church. We all have "reasons" (possibly an excuse) for not doing what God has called or laid upon our heart to do, visitation, working in VBS, choir; each of us knows what God wants us to do as a ministry. Don't let time slip away or run out! I will leave with this question for all; where would we be if Jesus had an excuse for not going to the Cross for us? We at Anchored In Him (Linda and I) would like to thank all of our subscribes for your prayers and sharing of our pages. We wish you prosperity, happiness and God's blessings upon you and your loved ones for the 2015 year. Make a resolution to invite someone to church, if you can get them into church there is a good possibility they may get saved. The seed is then sown, we must let God reap the harvest. We hope to see you in church ! ! ! Heavenly Father as we close this year of 2014 we thank You for your blessings and the grace that you have shown and given to us. We are unworthy of this grace, but we thank thee for it along with the greatest blessing of all your salvation. Your Son paid the highest price for man kind to receive entry to heaven for those who accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and repent of their sins. Lord let us all look deep within our hearts and examine ourselves for improvement and kindness to our fellow man. We know that there is room for improvement, Lord create within us a clean heart. Heavenly Father forgive us of our sins and where we have failed you at times when we become weak in spirit and depend upon our flesh. Father as we go into the New Year we ask that you continue not only to bless us, but prod our hearts to do more for You and Your church. Dear Lord let us not forget the missionaries on the foreign fields, but let us pray for missionaries here within the United States the greatest mission field today. Father I ask a special blessing in the coming year for our subscribers and all those who read and share our pages. Heavenly Father be with our Armed Forces and their families. Be with those who has lost a loved one whether it be to war or you have called them home. May the Comforter fill their hearts where there is sadness and grief. Lord be with us we ask all these things in Jesus holy name Amen

Write your plans in pencil and remember that God has the eraser . . .

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