Winter's Season ~ Anchored In Him - Christmas 2014


The winter's season is here.
A time filled with good cheer.
Wishing each other God's blessings,
A joyous time of the year.

A season set aside called Christmas,
To celebrate the birth of Jesus.
Jubilant singing joy bells ringing,
Filling our hearts with merriment.

Rejoicing with friends and families,
Gathering around the fireplace,
Sipping on hot chocolate or cider,
Expressing Christ's love for one another.

Radiant Christmas colors so bright,
Vast assortment of colorful lights,
Sparkling throughout the neighborhood,
Giving out shimmering glimmers at night.

Children laughing sometimes dancing,
Enjoying the elated time of the year.
Little voices of excitement
Awakens the child in all of us.

It seems as we grow older
We loose some of the thrill
Timid about showing childlike expression 
Yet hoping not to miss out still.

But too soon the season wanes,
And the excitement lessens.
Knowing this season soon shall pass,
Realizing another year soon to end.

For the child in me, 
I like this kind of excitement 
To be enjoyed by all of us, 
Through all year for all time.

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Malta
for use of her poetry © December 2004. You
may contact Malta by email to thank her
for sharing the talents that God has blessed
her with.
May God Bless you abundantly during this special
time of the year my Sister-In-Christ.

The contents in your heart are more important than the outer packaging . . .






Frank Sinatra
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
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