What Is God Blessing You With? ~ Anchored In Him - Thanksgiving 2014


Sometimes I joke to myself about growing up on a poor farm.
We were a poor farm family with a relatively large debt on a farm that produced a decent crop two or three years out of ten, but we really didn't know we were poor.
We had everything we needed. Our meal-time and bed-time prayers didn't center on what we didn't have, but thanked God for what we did have, and the possibility that God would be even more gracious in the days to come.
We were happy and content, not knowing how bad we had it. Whenever any of us felt down because we didn't have the clothes, the toys, or the "things" some other kids had, we were reminded to "count our blessings."
It didn't take away the desire for more or better, but it did put it in perspective. We had what we needed and more.
So, while we were poor, we were actually very rich, and made others rich by our positive outlook and our willingness to share what we had.
Dying, being punished, sorrowful, or poor? Is your glass half empty or half full?
With what is God blessing you with?

My Prayer
Generous Lord, You provide for our every need. The advertisements feed our every greed, and we find ourselves wanting more. As we count our blessings, help us give thanks for what we have, and bless us with the willingness to share with those who have even less, as Jesus did.


A special thanks to Pastor Larry L. Sydow for use of his from the heart writings.
You may email Pastor Sydow to thank him or check his blog.

Friends think about what Pastor Sydow wrote, many are rich in worldly goods, but poor in spirit. Blessed are the poor in spirit; for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven - Matthew 5:3. Has God laid it upon your heart to share what He has blessed you with? Many rob God on Sundays with their tithes and offerings. Jesus teaches us in the Holy Bible of giving. Share with what God has blessed you with, it will make you feel good and smile.

The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed, those who helps others are helped . . .

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