A Year of Reconciliation - Anchored In Him

"For thou God, art good, and ready to forgive; and plenteous in mercy unto all that call upon thee."
Psalm 86: 5

All over this world, there are people seeking love and reconciliation after years of bitterness and strife. Sometimes all it takes is a person who is willing to make the first move and say, "all is forgiven"....or, "I'm sorry." This is the acceptable year of the Lord in which He is calling His children to be reconciled.

There's a story of a Spanish father and son who had become estranged after years of bitter strife. The son finally ran away from home. Finding that his son was missing, the father became heartbroken and set off to find him. He searched for months to no avail. Finally, in a last desperate effort, the father placed an ad in the city newspaper which read:

Dear Paco: Meet me in front of the bell tower in the plaza at noon on Saturday. All is forgiven. I love you. Your Father

That Saturday, 800 Pacos -- both men and boys -- showed up in the Plaza, looking for forgiveness and love from their Fathers.

This little story reminds us of the multitudes in the world looking for love, but many look in the wrong places, and overlook God's words of truth and life. There are so many who would love to hear these words of forgiveness from their earthly families, and a multitude who need forgiveness from our Heavenly Father.

The Father in the story reminds us of the love our Heavenly Father has for us. When we are willing to meet Him at the cross, He stands ready to receive us with open arms to forgive sins and set free. He loves us and is calling souls today to come unto Him where they will receive love worth finding, which is the greatest love of all.

God also wants us to forgive one another and be reconciled with others while we walk this earth. Unity is God's plan for His children. We see both the letters"U" and "I" in the word unity. It takes two to be reconciled when there have been differences, and one must be willing to take the first step.

Our Lord and Savior has already walked the extra mile to Calvary's cross that we might be reconciled to the Father and be His child. Will we see His love letter from above written to us today? He tells us to "come unto Him and He will give us rest." "Whosoever shall call on His name, in faith believing, shall be saved." He will also say, "all is forgiven" .... when souls come to Him and ask His forgiveness with repentant hearts. What a joy it is to know that we have a Father who loves us so.

Moments with the Father is time well spent. Meet God today in His Word and you will find true joy which the world cannot take away. His love is truly the greatest love of all! When we walk with the Lord holding our hand, we have the blessed assurance of safely reaching our destination. What a "Mighty God" we serve! May His name be glorified and given all praise and honor as we give thanks to our Father in heaven.
J. P.'s Inspirations

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Jo Ann Kelly for use of her poetry © 2010, 2004. You may contact Jo Ann by email to thank her.
May God continue to bless you and your ministries.

Friends my wife Linda and I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New year. May God bless you with God health and answer your prayerful needs.
This past year has been a busy one for us, My father went home to be with the Lord in January, I was in AZ for nine months after his death dealing with the estate and getting the house ready to sell. My father was surrounded by his loving family as he passed into eternity, sadly there are many elderly where he lived that do not have a family that even loves or cares enough for them to be with them when they die. God help us, think about the poem that sister Jo Ann wrote.
God had been good to us though out the year, He gave us the strength to go through this valley in our life.
I would ask that you remember to pray daily for our new administration, they face tremendous challenges and need God's hand upon them. Our nation is so divided that I often wonder if we will ever become "One Nation Under God" again. If America will turn back to God we will once again be united. The turmoil in the Middle East continues and with the United Nations attempting to divide Israel and throw Israelies under the bus which could have been prevented by the United States. God will punish America for this, He has done it before to America and other nations and will continue to do so until Jesus Christ returns. Israel is God's chosen people, He has and will continue protect them, as well as punished them for sin. Pray for our Armed Forces and their families, they sacrifice much for our freedoms. I will close for this year and again we wish
and pray that God will watch over and take care of you and your families.
Blessings in Christ.

Lord God Almighty as we humbly come to your throne of grace at the beginning of a New Year for our great nation we ask you to forgive us of our sins and sinful nature. Lord we thank Thee for the bountiful blessings that you have bestowed upon us this past year and we humbly ask you to continue to do so. Father we know that this year we have newly elected officials in our country and we are thankful that we know that our Vice President elect has publicly stated he is saved by the shed blood of Jesus Christ and that you use him in a powerful way in our nations capital. God we need your hand upon our leaders, our Armed Forces and their leaders and families as well as our great nation. Father we need your love to lead and guide us back to you and to heal our divided country. Lord we ask a special blessing and protection upon our first responders. Father we lift Israel up to you for your protection as only you can in this hostile world. Father as we go forth into the New Year let us be a witness to those who do not know of your love and compassion. Let us tell them of how your Son Jesus Christ gave his life for us at Calvary to die for our sins so that we may have eternal life with you. Lord God we ask that you watch over and protect our missionaries and their families; continue to lead them and give them the strength to do your work. We ask all these things in Jesus Holy name.

God is at work to make us who He intends us to be . . .

Boundless Love
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