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Merry Christmas to you my precious friend and may your Christmas Blessings never end. May the sentiment be yours every day not just a short season or holiday.

May this gleeful persuasion be yours all time everyday may the Lord to you extend. That you will know the blessings He offers, and that in His good will you do proffer.

I pray His love and grace for you protract with the richest blessings for you be packed. May your numbered days here on earth be long sharing the joy of His good will abound.

Welcome in the New Year with merriment. Live everyday leaving your last statement. Believe in yourself to achieve your goal with encouragement I gladly cajole.

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Malta for use of her poetry ©December 2012. You may contact her by email her to thank her for sharing her talents. May God Bless you abundantly this Christmas and throughout the year.

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We wait for God's promises, believing they will come true.

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Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas & The Christmas Song

Stan Whitmire
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