Happy New Year To Family and Friends - Anchored In Him

Another year is passing...upon the fleeting sands of time
a new year will arrive once again,
we must leave our problems behind,
let our hearts be renewed, as we trust our Dearest Friend.

As the Captain of our ship safely guides us forward
we do not have to falter, doubt, or fear,
yesterday's sorrows are already in the past,
God will give renewed joy, for He knows every tear.

May a vision of the future and God's glory fill your heart
may His love and blessings rest upon each life,
God's grace gives a brand new start,
he will renew souls, as He takes away sin and strife.

This is the year to proclaim freedom to the captives
God will bind up the brokenhearted and set the captives free,
there is comfort for those who mourn in Zion,
victory was given, when Jesus died upon Calvary's rugged tree.

This could be the very day, our Lord will come again
for we know one day soon, He shall appear,
a blessed hope has been given to all men,
the Day of the Lord draws nearer, with each new year.

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Jo Ann Kelly
for use of poetry © 2010, 2005. You may contact
Jo Ann by email to thank her for sharing her talents.
May God Bless you and your loved
ones abundantly throughout the year.

Through another Christmas we did coast
yes, another year has drawn to a close.
Many new friends we have made,
And lost some dear ones along the way.
some family members have gone on,
still precious new babies have been born.
All in the works of God's infinite plan,
yet, as humans it's hard to understand.

Another year older and closer to the day
when we too one day will be called away.
Enjoy life and each other while we can
we never know the day He'll call our name.
Make it known while still here on earth
of God's love expressed in His word.
Continue to pray God's blessings will flow
granting wisdom and spirit to grow.

Welcome in your New Year with gratitude
continue in service with a Godly attitude.
Resolve to read His word each day
continually seeking Him as you pray.
Draw on His strength as you walk with Him
sharing His love as instructed in mission.
Remembering it's by His mercy and grace
that cleanses our sins and keeps us safe.

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ
Malta for use of poetry © Dec 2009.
You may contact Malta by email to thank
her for sharing her talents. May God bless
you and your loved, ones abundantly
throughout 2018.

Beloved as we close out the year, listen to the
words of the song, solid truth in it for us that
are saved and those that are lost.
My wife Linda and I at Anchored In Him would like
to wish everyone a prosperous and healthy New Year.
We want to take this opportunity to thank our graphic
artists and writers of poems and writings from the heart.
We never know how a poem or story may impact an indiviuals
life. It is our prayer and hope that this site would lead
one to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. We
appreicate your prayers, may God Bless you with good health
and a Happy New Year.
Brother Dave and Linda Wick

As we look ahead to the new year, let's remember that God has always been and always will be faithful.

Heavenly Father we come humbly to you today at the beginning of
a New Year we ask that you forgive us of our sins and sinful
nature. We thank thee for the blessings bestowed upon us the
past year and the ones that you will bestow upon us this year. We
ask that you watch over our President and his cabinet along with the
members of congress. May the leaders of our nation at all levels
seek Your guidance prayerfully and follow Your will. We ask that you
heal our divided nation and that mankind would come to realize that
it is you who gives us life. Be with our Armed Forces and their families
watch over them, protect them and may their leaders come to you in prayer
seeking your wisdom in leading their men in battle. Be with our pastors that
preach from the Holy Bible your word and that they preach the truth boldly.
Lord let us always remember to thank you for what you have done by sending
your Son Jesus Christ to save use from our sins through repentance. Let us
remember to help those that are less fortunate and to pray for those that
have not accepted you as their personal Savior. We ask all these things in
Jesus Holy name.

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