Deck The Halls - Anchored In Him

It's the Christ of Christmas we celebrate, not Christmas itself.

Sparkling in a grand array
Colors bright that fill the day
Ornaments that glow with love.
Each one has special meaning of

Times in life when you were near
Oh those joyous Christmas years
Each one now a memory
Placed within my treasury

Christmas day you will appear
Colors fill the heart with cheer
Always see your heart this day
Such joy within this grand display

Warm the glow on Christmas eve
Gathered love is now received
Placed within a warming place
Memories that I will trace

I see you in this dazzling light
Your spirit always glowing bright
This my gift that comes each year
Followed by a "happy tear"

Family friends and all so dear
Celebrate this love sincere
Reflecting in the pretty things
Christmas season always brings.

A special thanks to Francine Pucillo
for use of her poetry used with permission,
© Dec. 2, 2002. You can read more of her poetry
at her site.



Deck The Halls
Percy Faith And His Orchestra
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