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Aunt Liz came from California to visit the family from time to time. She would stay with my grandparents while they were living, and when they died she would often stay with us. It was always fun to hear of the glories of California and life at the edge of adventure. At least that was the way my fertile imagination thought of it. On a visit Aunt Liz made when I was about 16, she rode with me to church one Sunday morning. We had some light sleet and a light dusting of snow during the night. To be safe, instead of driving to the highway and taking the paved road the rest of the way to town, I took the graveled "ridge road". Our little church was located in Stanton, a small community nestled in the Elkhorn River valley. As we approached town from the northern rim of the valley, Aunt Liz exclaimed, "Have you ever seen anything so beautiful in all your life?" I looked again and saw the little town I saw practically every day, resting peacefully and covered with that frosting-like coat of snow. Then I saw what she was seeing - a beautiful, peaceful village blanketed with a pure white cleansing snow that covered all its faults and failures! It had been there all the time. I just didn't have eyes to see it. Our promised resurrection is much the same way. We are reminded again and again of God's glorious plan for giving us a new and improved life in Him, made pure and spotless by His precious and holy blood, shed just for us. Have you got eyes to see? PRAYER: Open our eyes, Lord. We want to see Your glory. Give us the vision to see Your Hand in all of creation, and Jesus in every person we meet. Then remind us to say, "Thank You, Lord." Amen. Larry L. Sydow To receive Daily Devotions each morning. Email to subscribe or check his blog.



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