Silver Bells - Anchored In Him

The beautiful Christmas song, "Silver Bells," tells of city sidewalks and busy people as soon it will soon be Christmas Day. Everywhere one may go this season, they will see people rushing around to buy last minute gifts and Christmas preparations. The malls and stores buzz with holiday excitement as the glitter and glitz of the season and Christmas carols create a festive atmosphere. People enjoy giving to others in this season and seem to show more love than ever before. At Thanksgiving, before the fall decorations are even put away, or the turkey and dressing gets cold; people are rushing off to look for special gifts or black Friday sale deals, now beginning the Christmas shopping season at many stores. For merchants, this is one of the most prosperous seasons of their year. Many people go into debt buying things they, or others, don't need, with money they don't have, making bills they will struggle all year to pay; yet forget to give the most important thing of all, the surrender of their hearts to the Savior. Each Christmas season, preparations are made ahead for Christmas day. The presents have to be wrapped, traditional foods prepared, and Christmas plays and cantata's rehearsed. Everyone is busy making sure everything is finished before the 25th of December. When Christmas arrives, it is too late if one has not prepared ahead for the day. When December 26th arrives, it's all over, but the spirit of Christmas and giving shouldn't be over! It will be the same in the future day of our Lord but with one exception. This society is not as concerned about the coming Day of the Lord as celebrating Christmas by giving to others. Many prepare for Christmas day, but have not made spiritual preparations for the future day. These feel they will have another chance, another convenient day. But, we know not the day nor the hour of the return of our Lord. We do know from the signs of the times it is drawing nigh. We must prepare as never before for the day of his appearing. Today is the day of salvation. There's a wonderful gift waiting for those who are searching for the very best in life. Jesus paid the price on Calvary's old rugged cross. The most important gift of this season, freely given, is the gift of eternal life. Today is the acceptable day to receive His free gift. Remember, we all are only one heartbeat away from eternity. He really is a Wonderful Savior who extends His free gift in every season of life, not just one season only. We sometimes wonder, "Why can't every day be like Christmas?" But, that's a different song and another story!
Blessings In Christ, Jo Ann Kelly © 2017, 2005
Devotional article above previously written and published on Themestream by J. P.'S Inspirations ©2000--edited, Dec. 2017. A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Jo Ann Kelly for use of her © writings you may contact her to thank her for sharing the talents that God has blessed her with. God bless my sister.

Thank You, Father, for giving me the best gift of all: Your Son! Help me to share Your generosity with others today.



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Silver Bells
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