Anchored In Him - Am I Grateful?

We at Anchored In Him wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving along with Seasons Greetings. As you read the poem below from our Sister-In-Christ Mary Ann Trott think about the content. The title of the poem should cause all of us to stop and think "Am I Grateful"? Sadly when we go out to eat we do not see folks giving thanks to God for the food or asking God to bless the food. So often we take for granted what God has blessed us with, life at the beginning of a new day, a roof over our head, food on our table, clothes on our back and in the closet, the ability to pay taxes and living in a country where we can worship freely without fear of retaliation from a government. Everything comes from God! We will complain and blame God about the hard times as well as the trials and tribulations. Whether we realize it or not God is molding us into what He wants, not what we think we want. Are we thanking God for these times? Oh how we thank and praise God for the "good" times, but fail to thank him for the "hard/bad" times. There have been Thanksgiving seasons where I just felt like I was bubbling with gratitude, but then there are others where gratitude naturally ranks on the very bottom of the list if it even happens to be on it at all.
You know what I'm talking about, you can fill in the blanks of when you've had a loss right over the holidays, and the zip and spark for the occasion just drained out right on the spot. And then somehow and some way, even though it looked like a complete dead end, things change in perspective as you muster the courage to whisper, "Thank you, Lord," for the first time. So this year, let's join hands, thanking God, not only for what He has done for us, but for what He will continue to do for all of us as we praise Him. As you gather with family and friends during this Holiday Seasons ask your self "am I holding, a grudge, bitterness or hatred in my heart"? If so confess these sins to God. None of us are promised tomorrow, besides you will feel better knowing that you forgave. Remember those less fortunate, pray as to what God would want you to give. Pray for our missionaries, our Armed Forces and their families and our great nation, we are truly blessed.
Remember just say "Thank you "Lord" no matter what you are going through, Happy Thanksgiving. Bro Dave
Dear Heavenly Father as I sit here tonight I look to You for guidance on this dark and dreary night. It seems we are surrounded enemies on every side, but I must look up and in You alone, abide. Am I grateful for my warm house as simple as it is, or do I envy the mansion down the street and wish it was there, I lived? Did I pray today Lord for the homeless and depressed? Or was I just seeking my own pleasure and happiness? I heard a story this week Lord, of a woman who was very ill, but she spent her time reaching out to others, about her own life, she was hushed and still. She is gone now Lord and many of her friends mourn, but she left a wonderful legacy behind oh, but their hearts are torn. Am I grateful for my blessings, do I thank you each and every day, for all You have done for my salvation do I get down on my knees and pray? Do I just sit and thank you Lord and not bring my list of needs, do I remember to just Worship You or is my heart filled with selfishness and greed? Forgive me Lord when my focus is not on You, when I let the struggles of life do a number on me too.
I need to make the time Lord to just sit and talk with You being grateful for all I have and for all You have seen me through. There were forks in the road and bends around the creek, I had many choices to make Lord many times Your Face, I had to seek. You never failed me yet Lord You spoke from Your Holy Word, I held onto those Promises in my Spirit, Your Voice I heard. I need to come before You in simple Praise and Song with a childlike heart I know its with You, I truly belong! To bask in Your Presence to Lift up Holy Hands, and Worship the King of Kings, all God's Children understand! Tonight I thank You Jesus for being there for me, never leaving or forsaking even when I wandered away from Thee! Mighty God, to Whom all Praises Ring, I thank You for who You are my Saviour, Lord and King! A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Mary Ann Trott for use of her poetry ©November 7th, 2013. God Bless my Sister.
Trusting God's goodness and faithfulness can help us get a good grip on gratitude. Grateful praise satisfies us and pleases God.



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