Anchored In Him - Am I Grateful?

I recall Thanksgiving Day at Grandma's house, when I was a child of nine or ten. We had ham and turkey or duck and all the trimmings, things were different, way back then. The ladies donned their aprons and gathered in the prepare this festive meal. The men were in the living room.....discussing football, politics, farming and their "latest deal." Older children helped set the table, adding their homemade decorations, to make it look "Just right." Then Grandma would announce: "Dinner's Ready." "Come to the table now, before it gets cold." So we all hurried to the table, both young and old. By that time, we were all hungry enough to eat a bear, so it didn't take too long, to find a chair. As we all sat down, each head was bowed in prayer, thanking God...for His bountiful blessings and the food, our good health and for everyone who was there. We asked Him to bless the poor and the needy, and to bless the sick and make them whole, to touch the hearts of the lost and to save each soul with hands and hearts joined together, we all prayed the same. And we asked all of these Jesus name. I pray each of you will build fond memories, as you go along life's way, and may each of you have.....a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving Day! Emily Boeve

God, thank You for Your faithfulness to us over many years! Help us to trust You with the present and the future as well.




Precious Memories
Thouch My Soul
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