We Give Thanks - Anchored In Him


Heavenly Father as we come to You on humble knees, we thank You for all of the blessings You have bestowed upon each of us and our great nation. Father as sinners we ask You to forgive us where we have failed You and to forgive our sinful ways. As a Loving Father, You have gave us so much that we cannot thank You for all that You have gave to us. But Father the greatest gift that You gave to us was Your Son, Jesus Christ who died for our sins at Calvary. In this year of 2004 our great nation is at war against evil and terror. Father we ask that You place Your protective armor around all of our Armed Forces throughout the world and that the families of these loved ones know that Your presence is with them. We realize Heavenly Father that there are many families this year that have lost a loved one in this war, we pray that the Comforter be with these families during this time and that we as a nation would realize that we can win any war on our knees in prayer to You. Father we need to understand that not only it is the time for us to be generous with our fellow man, but to lift our missionaries up to You for Your special blessings on them. Father as they spread the gospel of Jesus Christ be with them and touch our hearts to give to support to the missionaries. Father before the leaders of our great nation make decisions, we pray that they will come to You on humble and bended knees seeking Your wisdom and Devine guidance. Heavenly Father we know from the Holy Bible that when Your son Jesus Christ walked on earth as a man He taught that we are to forgive. Father let us as a nation that is divided come together as one united in love to You. Heavenly Father as we close in prayer again we thank You for all of the blessings that You have given us. Father as families travel to visit we ask that You grant them travel mercies and that these families will remember to give thanks to You for what You have blessed them with. Father we ask these things in Your Son's holy name, Jesus. Amen

Contentment is not getting what we want but being satisfied with what we have ! ! !

Thank You With All My Heart
Walt Mills
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