Thank You Precious Lord ~ Anchored In Him

Thank you Precious Lord, for all the wonders you have done
And thank you very much, for giving up your only Son
He was the one to pay our price up on Calvary
And now with full Thanksgiving ... Lord, we're free.

We're free from the bondage that held us oh, so tight
And we no longer live in darkness but we see the light
The light of your sweet Son, Lord, who took our sins away
And with full Thanksgiving ... Lord, we're free.

The price was paid so long ago upon that sacred cross
My heart aches for all the pain He bore upon that cross
The Love of your sweet Son, Lord, washed our sins away
And now with full Thanksgiving ... Lord, we're free
And now with full Thanksgiving ... Lord, we are all free.

Jene' Lind © Nov 20, 2009; A special thanks to Jene Lind
God Bless you My Sister In Christ. You may contact Jene by email
to thank her for sharing her talents. She willingly shares the talents that God has blessed her with. Please stop by her site and thank
her by signing her guest book.

Heavenly Father as we come to You we ask that You forgive us of our inequities and sinful ways. Lord You have blessed all of us this year, it is just a blessing for us not only to get up everyday, but to worship and praise You. Often Father we take Your blessings and love for granted, forgiver us when we do. Father we thank You for Your love and forgiveness. We ask that You be with our nation and teach us the patience needed for the ongoing war against evil. You have told us in the Holy Bible that there will be wars upon wars. Father be with our Armed Forces and their families. Protect them where ever they may be, we ask that You place Your protective Armor around them as only You can do. Father may the Comforter be with those families who have lost a loved one this year fighting the battles for freedom. Comfort them as only You can do and guide them in the way that You would have. Father instill in us the love that You had for us by giving Your only begotten Son to save us. Dear Lord as a sinful nation we have turned our backs on You, we ask that a great revival begin and Father let it begin in me. Father as we sit down to eat on this day that You have blessed us with let us remember those less fortunate as You have taught us that we are to take care of the widows and orphans. Lord we ask that you continue to bless and watch over us, we ask this in Jesus holy name.

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