Above Life's Valleys ~ Anchored In Him


There is a place of quiet and rest
where you can find true peace in Christ
in the midst of every trial or test
you can still live a more abundant life.

Above life's valleys
you can soar to new heights
Jesus will lift you above the shadows
as in Him you abide.

There's no valley where you'll walk alone
Jesus will hold your hand,
He'll give you joy and a brand new song,
by faith in the Savior, you can safely stand.

So if the trials of life seem to get you down
look up to the Lord above,
You'll find Jesus can always be found,
Above the valleys, He'll keep you in His love.

If you are down and out and feel no one cares
God's love will lift you up
there is no love like that of the Lord,
Give thanks and glory to our God above.

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Jo Ann Kelly
for the use of her poetry © 2006.

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God's purpose in pain is to brand His image in our hearts . . .




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Haven of Rest
Betty Jean Robinson
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