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My lover is mine and I am his;
he browses among the lilies.
Until the day breaks
and the shadows flee,
turn, my lover,
and be like a gazelle
or like a young stag
on the rugged hills.

Song of Solomon 2:16-17


Every day I need you Lord
But this day especially,
I need some extra strength
To face what ever is to be.

This day more than any day
I need to feel you near,
To fortify my courage
And to overcome my fear.

By myself, I cannot meet
The challenge of the hour,
There are times when humans help,
But we need a higher power

To assist us bear what must be borne,
and so dear Lord, I pray -
Hold on to my trembling hand
And be near me today.

Author Unknown

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They that think they can make it without the Lord are foolish, God is there for all everyone, but before you can call Him Lord, you must first know Him . . .

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