A Gentle Touch ~ Anchored In Him


A gentle touch is what I need
Tender and gentle caring love.
It warms my heart deep within
Sooths my soul beyond compare.

A gentle touch so unselfishly given
Fills my life with such happiness.
I cannot express the pure true joy
A gentle touch overwhelms my soul.

A gentle touch is a breath of fresh air
Sends sunshine on a cold wintry day.
Calms the storms brewing deep within
Tells one of how much you care.

A gentle touch like a cheerful new song
Brings joy to a sad and lonely heart.
Tenderly soothing all aches and pains
Renews faith and displaces despair.

A gentle touch of such fragile love
Gives glorious peace to a weary soul.
A single action that says so much
The sweetest message not by word.

A gentle touch such a little thing
Just an ordinary act of kindness.
Gives pleasure beyond words
Through a simple action of, 
"A Gentle Touch".

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ
Malta for use of her poetry © Jan 2005.
God Bless you.

No one is more secure than the one who is held in God's hand . . .










Kept By A Mighty Strong Hand
Dixie Echoes
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