A Humble Heart

Before you, O Lord, we bow our heads in prayer
with a heart that is seeking and humble,
keep us in your grace and favor
keep us humble, lest we stumble.
Before your feet, we fall
you are holy and King of all Kings,
before your throne, we seek your face
You alone make our hearts to sing.
Without you, we are nothing
with you, we can do all things,
You have given us power
in your blessed holy name.
Across this land there are souls dying
who do not have a humble heart
touch them with your Spirit,
give their lives a brand new start.
We thank you for your blessings
worship you as Lord of all,
You've promised to always be there
as on your blessed name we call.

      A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Jo Ann Kelly
      for the use of her poetry © 2006. You may email Jo Ann
 to thank her.
      God bless you my Sister-In-Christ.

Through prayer we have instant access to our Heavenly Father . . .



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