All Things Are Possible ~ Anchored In Him

Is there anything impossible for our God to do? 
Is there anything too great, that He'll not do for you? 
Believing is receiving, when it is in God's will 
when we look to Him by faith,
we see the possible revealed.

Though there may be a mountain high 
which you cannot seem to climb,
in the valley just below, 
God's peace and love, He will bestow. 

Circumstances are as nothing 
when they are placed within God's hands, 
for every problem, He has a solution 
every teardrop that falls, He understands. 

Though the world may doubt or fear
believing some things will never come to pass, 
Jesus says "all things are possible" 
for, He is the "first and the last".

So take your every burden 
and lay it at His feet, 
You'll find His grace is all sufficient 
When you kneel at His mercy seat. 

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Jo Ann Kelly
for the use of her poetry © 2006.
      God bless you my Sister-In-Christ.

Our unknown future is safe in the hands of the all-knowing God . . .












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