America's Only Hope ~ Anchored In Him

There's only one hope for America
for judgment is even at the door
too long we've been complacent
as the enemy waged his mighty war.

The comfort zone must be deserted
where Christians sometimes choose to stay,
it's time we stand together in truth and unity
as we seek the Lord and pray.

The changing times reveal
our nation's values have been compromised
prayer has been removed from schools
by deception from the enemies manifest lies.

Many rights men claim are wrong
as the Scriptures reveal to all
America has turned to sinful ways
not realizing that pride goes before a fall.

There's only one hope for our nation
only God can heal this great land
for help will not come from the government
or by trusting in the plans of men.

The Church must seek God's face in humility
turning from wicked ways
for He has promised to hear his people
as we repent, call upon His name, and pray.

Only He can raise us up again
if we trust in Him as Lord over all
if we rely upon God as our nation's help
He will not let us fall.

Jesus Christ is America's only hope
if one nation under God, we are to remain
America must return to God, for judgment is in the gates hope can be found in the Savior's blessed holy name.

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ, Jo Ann Kelly for use of her © 2010 poetry. God Bless my Sister-In-Christ.

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