Anchored In Him Inspirational Page 1

God's Plan Of Salvation

The Lighthouse

Why Go To Church

Blessings of A Storm

The Burden

Conquering Life's Storms

A Visit From The Pastor


A Prayer For You

Hands of Love

Who God Is

Beauty Tips

The Path Of Life



Better Keep In Touch

The Will Of God

He First Loved Us

The 23rd Psalm

I Searched Heaven For You

God's Church

Dear Jesus

God's Holy Place

Judge Gently

Days Gone By

Be Still

Hell Is Real

Can't Take My Jesus

Beginning Today

Saved At Sea

A Soldier In God's Army

Change Me

The Forgotten One

God's Rainbow

God's Whispering Breath

The Power Within

3 Men

Forgive Me When I Whine

Who's Your Daddy

 Through The Year

I Am Learning Lord

Winter Sunrise

Life's Tug Of War

All For God

A Story To Live By

Thank You Lord, For The Thorns

21 Reasons Why You Are Blessed

 Come As You Are

The Woman In The Glass

Do It Again Lord

The Apple Basket

Love Is Made Visible 

How Much Does A Prayer Weigh?

Conversation With God

The Road Map 

A Letter In The Night 

A Bend In The Road

I Saw Jesus

The Rosebud Of Life 

Some Advice

In Awe Of His Glory

Food For My Soul 

The Promise

He Cares For Us 

Good Night Jesus

A Closer Look

 In The Valley Below 

God You Are Enough

Lord Teach Me To Pray

Just Use Me

Peace Be Still

Hello God

The Treasure In You


Advice For Girls

Puppy Sighs 

 Homeward Bound

Today I Can


When You Stand Before The Lord

 A Pastor

 Encouraging Words

Yellow Roses

One Man Alone

They Ran Through The Rain

 Visiting Day

 I Am That I Am

 Take Time

 Sweet Hour of Prayer

 If You

 The Invitation

Too True Too Often

It's No Secret

Have Another Cup of Coffee

Flowers Bloom Most Everywhere

Go Gently With The Flow


You To Must Weep

Horse Sense

The Hospital Window

God's Best

The Way We Said Goodbye

God's Love

Tarnished Mirrors

Roses For Rose

Richest Man In The Valley

The Clock

Another Chance

The Word of God

Thank God For Your Problems

Streets Of Gold

Bless This Day

When A Man Praises God

A Child Dies of Cancer

Evening Shadows

A Crabby Old Woman

Every Day

God's Embroidery

Children Watch Listen

How Sad The Dying Rose

Why I Need To Go To Church

I Can Sleep When The Wind Blows

Take It To The Cross

Billy Graham and Oprah

Things I Wish I'd Known

When I Get Where I'm Going

The Power of Choice

My Commitment As A Christian

Wisdom In The Word

The Number of Things

It's Not Enough

Reach For The Light

He Never Came Dressed That Way Again

Looking To The West

Walking Toward The Sun

Where God Ain't

Heaven Is Just A Dream Away

Three Things

The Time Piece

We Must Trust In God

Unto Thee I Pray

Revival Fire

The Old Path's

Do You Remember?

A Hole In The Sky

I'm Not On The Cross

What Does God Say?

The Gift Of Love

Waves Of Tranquility

Saving Up Questions

Before You Knew How To Love Me

Watching Our Speech

Lest I Make A Mistake

My Family Is There Too

When Life Gets You Down

A Dog Named Tank

Back 2 School


If Tomorrow Never Comes

A List To Live By

All Things Are Possible

A Hand To Hold

In Sorrow's Hour

The River

Thanking Jesus On Valentine's Day

Everyday I Live

The Coming Storm

America Must Stand Strong

In His Hands

Too Late

Old Barns and Old People

Scents of Heaven

Will God Ever Reject Anyone ?

Remind Me, God

The Wise Doctor

ABC's of Motivation

Depression Takes A Life

Grace So Devine

Unanswered Letters


All Through The Day

One Man Didn't

The Joy In Me

We Have Faith In God

On A Hill Far Away

Mountains Are Climbed One Step At A Time

Take A Moment

A Brand New Touch

Life On The Rail

The Decision

The Greatest . . .

All Through The Day

God Is In Your Darkest Hour

Just A Little Light

Jesus or The World?

Early Morning With God

 I Am Learning Lord

A Dead Church


A Christian's Possessions

Good Advice For A Good Life

Jesus Is The Only Way

Whispers From Heaven

God Is Really There

Because of The Old Rugged Cross

You Shall

When I Am Afraid I Call Jesus' Name

By Candle's Glow

The Highway

Roses and Thorns

All Through The Day

Dear God

Forever Chasing Rainbows

The Light Of Jesus Never Grows Dim

What Money Can't Buy

The Right Words

Clinging To A Saving Hand

Are You Free Indeed

Believing By Faith

A Life Worth Living

America's Only Hope

You Know

A Gentle Touch

Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

Bend In The Road

Pray For A Purpose

He Is Our Reason For Living

Grandpa's Hands

The Four Candles

Help Us Never Give Up

Welcome Home

When Temptation Comes

Seasons of Faith

The Garden Paths

Thank You God

Country Church

A Mother's Bible

Recognizing Your Blessings

He Still Saves, Delivers, and Heals

If Jesus Came Tonight

Life's Anchor

Church Long Ago

He Gave His All

A Candle

At The Rapture

Who We Need To Be


Not Just The Need, But More

The Greatest Valentine

You Can Lean On Jesus

Wisdom In The Word

Hope In Him