Anchored In Him Inspirational Page 2

A Heart Like Jesus

Carl's Garden

A Small Boy's Witness

God Knows . . .

The Way To God

Once Upon A Pew I Sat

A Guiding Light

Obstacles In Our Path

Walk In Another's Shoes


Passion Play

Out Of The Shadows

The Other Side

Whisper Jesus

A Keeper

And . . . Jesus Wept

The Holy Alphabet


The Brick

The Light

Dear Lord . . . I've

Miracle of Life

Traveling Angels


The Best Is Yet To Come

Touch Me

Because Someone Cares

A Light At The River

I Believe



The Secret

If I Were The Devil

If I Had My Life To Live Over

Grandma's Apron

God's Wings

The House Behind The Weeds

The Littlest Firefighter

A Place To Pray Is Where You Are

Growing Old Together

I'm With You

For Me

Autumn's Inferno

What Was It



Is There A Living God?

The Foot Of The Cross

Dear God

This Man Called Jesus

Moments In Life


Lean On Me

The Trouble Tree

Daddy Lets Pray

A Moment To Pray

Lord Guide Me


When The Lights Went Off In Heaven

I Learned To Pray At Momma's Knee

True Love

Somewhere In The Past

When I Say Am

The Nurse Who Sang to Mama

Storm Tossed

Words To Live By

God Is Really There

God Works From The Inside Out

He Sent An Answer

To Be Attitudes

Map of The USA

Look Toward The Cross

Just Three Words


Do You Have A Second?

God In The Morning

Lord, I Thank You

America Sheds Her Tears Silently

God's Message To Woman

 Some Things To Ponder On

 Your My Jewel

 You Never Know

 A Little Talk With Jesus

 Monsters Are For Real

 Mothers Elbows On My Bed

 There Will Always Be God

 The Most Powerful Book In America

 God Will Keep His Own

 And This Too Shall Pass

 Phantom Graduation

 God's Gifts

 The Sandpiper


 Jesus Came In A Dream


 Did You Know

 Generous Giving

 Hmm...Just Pondering

 Secret Garden

 Lessons On Life

 Coming Of Age

 Take Time

 The Old Man


 Wake Up America

 What A Parent Cannot Do


 The Greatest Pain In Life

 Eight Things About Failure

 A New Day

 You Will Never Walk Alone

 Jesus, Master, Teacher, Healer

 The Concert

 Mamma's Hands

 Three Things


 Three Old Men

 Tommy's Prayer

 Hope Of New Tomorrows

 Treasures In Life

 Somewhere In Time

 When God Whispers

 Twenty Whys . . .

 Enjoy Your Coffee


Things Missing In Heaven  

 God Is Home

 Your Life Is Jesus To Someone

 The Last Day

 I Asked For . . .

Angels Keep Watch

 Twenty-One Rules

 In His Garden

 I Am There

 Just Another Mountain To Climb

 The Current Of Life

 A Time For Everything

 A Hug From God

 Did You Hear?

 Choose To . . .

 God's Fingerprints

 The Gift of Love

 Tears From Angels

  Instructions For Life

 I Lost A Friend To Cancer

 A Better Life

 A Special Kind of Love

To Realize

 Safe and Secure In Jesus

When Things Go Wrong

 On The Right Track

 The Sparrow At Starbucks

A Talk With Jesus

 Prayer Changes Things

Forgive Yourself

 I Am A 'Kept' Person

 All Because You Smiled

 See The Lights Ahead?

His Grace Abounds 

 Washed In His Blood 

 Making Judgments . . .


 Heaven For Me

 The Most Beautiful Rose

 Traveling On Your Knees

 Ducks Quack - Eagles Soar

 Wipe His Tears

 Mountains Need Moving

  What if . . . ?

 Do You Know Him ?

 The Old Rocking Chair

 Once You Have . . .

 What Would We Do Without Jesus?

 Hold On To Jesus

 10 Reasons To Hope 

 God's Timetable, Not Ours

 Church On A Hill

 Through Every Valley

 How To Have Great Peace

 Two Days

 You Are Unique

 Nudge The Balance

 Always Say I Love You

 Above Life's Valleys

 You Don't Make That Decision, God Does

 Blessed By The Fork In The Road


 Imagine Life As

 Little Church In The Trees

 Don't Worry, Let God


 Through The Storm

  Country Church

 Look For The Little Things...

 The Lighthouse

 God's Clinic

  Bend In The Road

 Five More Minutes

 The Time Will Come

 Help Me To Remember!

 A Refuge In The Storm


 I've Got A Mansion


 What If?

Today and Everyday

 The Old Country Church

 In The Garden of My Heart

Jesus Christ

Dust On The Bible

 Enter Life Empty Handed - Exit Empty Handed

 Come Unto Me

 God Can Turn It Around !

 Bigger, Brighter Lights 

 Journey of The Soul

 No I Cannot Be Discouraged

 Road Less Traveled

 Who Needs To Read The Bible?

 Faith That Really Works

 Prayers For My Daughter

Fishing For Answers

 A Place of Mercy

 7 Wonders of The World 

 The Old Lighthouse

I Want Forgiveness 

 Have You Made Your Reservation?


 The 10 Cow Wife

 Another Chance 

 Father Help Us Not To Judge 

 Who Was I?

 I Am Learning, Lord

 Walk Your Path One Step At A Time

 Do Not Fear

 Sea Of Regret

 Above Life's Valleys

 The Cross

 Go Into Me Deeper Lord

 Guilt Free

 Safe Harbor

 Have You A Heart That Is Heavy?

 Peace In A Time of Chaos

 Church In The Wildwood

 A Stranger

 Surviving A Storm


Times Have Changed 

 Forsaken Paths

 Standing On The Promises

 A Humble Heart

 Life's Anchor

 The Church Steeple

 Gifts From Heaven

 A Time To Die

 God's Requirements

 Conditional Needs

 Just One Touch From The Master

 Turn On The Light

 My Heart Belongs To Jesus

 The Valley Of