All Through The Day ~ Anchored In Him


At the rising of the sun
Until the end of every day,
Praise the Lord, give Him thanks,
As you bow your head to pray.

The warmth of God's love and mercy
Has filled our hearts with hope and zeal,
His peace and joy is so great,
How could it ever be concealed?

We have been blessed so richly
All along life's narrow path,
God has freely given us salvation 
He has delivered our souls from wrath.

The greatest gift of all 
Can be received by faith,
God will write new names above,
If souls choose the straight and narrow way.

When we close our eyes in sleep
And give thanks unto our Lord,
Holy angels encamp all around us,
As promised in God's Holy Word.

We thank God for His presence 
Each new day, He helps us stand,
Give Him all the praise and glory
Now, and forever, Amen. 

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ,
Jo Ann Kelly for use of her © 2010, 2006 poetry.
You may view more of her poetry at
J. P.'s Inspirations.

Daily blessings are daily reminders of God . . .


Without Him
Harvestime Quartet
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