A Refuge In The Storm ~ Anchored In Him

There are many times in life, 
When dark clouds may hide the light of day, 
The storms and trials of life surround you, 
And try to make you lose your way. 

In the midst of every storm, 
Jesus stands with outstretched hands, 
He will whisper peace unto you child, 
And the storms will cease at his command. 

When fierce winds blow all around you, 
And fear tries to grip your heart, 
Just reach out unto the Savior, 
He will hold you close and never depart. 

He is a refuge in the darkness, 
A hiding place in which you can abide, 
Under wings of love He will shelter you, 
And keep you close by His side. 

So if you face a high mountain, 
Or storms seem to get you down, 
Just run to the Rock of your salvation, 
He is your "Refuge" where peace is always found. 

A special thanks to our Sister-In-Christ Jo Ann Kelly
for the use of her poetry © 2001. God bless you
my Sister-In-Christ.

God is my helper - - Psalm 54:4





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