At The Rapture ~ Anchored In Him



I heard the horn a blowing, and knew just what it meant,
Gabriel shouting, "Behold, I'm the one the Lord has sent,
Angels appearing everywhere, singing, "Praise be to God"
They were from the river, where Angel feet have trod.

Looking across the landscape, as far as I could see,
Cemeteries were opening up, bodies coming by me.
The bodies were transforming, right before my eyes,
All were beautiful Angels, going upward to the skies.

Then I saw my Momma, who was twenty-seven when she died,
Now like a beautiful Angel, "Hey Momma, it's me, I cried!"
Then she was smiling at me, while drifting out of sight,
That's when I knew, everything is going to be alright!

Everything was of one accord, no prejudices or blame,
Cause in the eyes of Jesus, all who are saved are the same,
Then vividly I recalled, that very descriptive Bible Verse,
That at the time of Rapture, the dead in Christ rise first.

Then I heard myself saying, "Oh Lord, What can I do?"
I would love to see Jesus, just to say that, "I love You",
My body began changing, I heard a "whooshing" sound,
I started rising upward, left my crutches on the ground.

Onward through the clouds, and continuing on my flight,
Angels singing "Praise the Lord", then I saw HIS LIGHT,
The last thing that I recalled, as I was drifting out of sight,
Mommas pretty smile, and everything's going to be alright.

A special thanks to our Brother-In-Christ Richard L. Cartwright
for use of his poetry © 21 October 2014. You may email
Brother Cartwright to thank him for use of his from the heart poetry.

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